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Brady, Boat, Booze and Beating the Odds

It’s over. An NFL season tackled and bruised by impact of COVID and continued controversy over players’ peaceful protests finally comes to an end. Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to upset Kansas City Chiefs in a lackluster Super Bowl Championship Brouhaha. Oddly, perhaps not so much, the one player receiving most attention and accolade was none other than Tom Brady. The 43 year old Quarterback, in his new fit and trim body, led Bucs to an arguably surprising victory.

Soon after the game, Brady’s boat made even more headlines. The star player decided to indulge some of his $50M contract money on a $2M boat. His money, right? Wrong.

In a culture that celebrates you at 10 PM and tears you down by 10 AM next morning, news of his indulgence didn’t sit well with many who protested the money should have gone to a charitable organization or a cause like Black Lives Matter. To add insult to injury, while celebrating Bucs victory on a boat parade, Brady tossed the Lombardi trophy from stern of his boat to teammates on another boat. That faux pas drew criticism from many more, one being trophy designer’s daughter who expressed her outrage on local TV news.

Wait, it’s not over! Broadcast images of the afterparty include Brady being helped off Vida da Vida and into a “cooling off” for a much needed "sobrio". Apparently, Mr. Brady has low tolerance for party juice and needed a little "siesta".

Like him or not, you have to respect the man for longevity. You have to acknowledge his grit for proving that in a sport dominated by BIG YOUNG men he can still carve a niche for himself. All of us men, not so big and older, salute small sip at a time.

Mr. Brady, Well Done and Well Deserved!

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