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Food For Thought

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Having worked in the hospitality and food service business through college years I still keep a special place in my heart, and wallet, for men and women serving the industry. Covid has made dining out challenging and I whole-heartedly sympathize with the hardship you are facing. I often hear from our local owners and friends in the industry about the fight you're fighting to keep things together. That's why I ask that you meet us halfway.

We will make every effort to visit your establishments and spend money as long as you maintain an equitable standard of food quality, service, and uhhhh....hospitality. We have been disappointed with one aspect or another of our restaurant experience these past few

months but have withheld complaint because of the circumstances we all are in. Worst part is, despite subpar service we have received we continue to include 25%-30% gratuity in total tab because that's the right thing to do, for now. Also, we dare not complain to management for risk of being perceived as entitled POS.

Lest not forget that money is tight on patrons' side as well. Food/restaurant business is part culinary artistry and part customer experience (that's where price, hospitality, ambience and intangibles meet). Please, do not lose sight of that!

I now have to go pick up our sushi order :)

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